Mandy and I are currently buidling this home in Eden Prairie, MN; a suburb of Minneapolis. We are doing about 75% of the entire home OURSELVES believe it or not. Special thank you to Bob Hall, Tom Hackl, Wanda Brown and Dan Corley for their help on the project so far. We plan on moving in by the end of November 2003. Wish us luck, we will need it! :)


Dig us a hole Timbo!


Um Mandy, what did we sign up for?


Ok, at least part of it is done for us. Here is the basement c/o Guyer's


120 tons of sand please. We have heated floors throughout the basement.


Shoot that sand as evenly as possible, that stuff is heavy to move by hand!


Floor trusses attached c/o Eric Cuka, Mandy Cuka, & Bob Hall. That is Eric above.


Are we done yet? Um no, lets put on a floor now.


Let me know if you need any help Mandy, GOOD WORK!


Ok floor is on and our first wall is up, WOO HOO!


Special aerial view care of Jimmy J on a big pile of dirt.


Thats our kitchen, I am going to cook some Iron Chef dishes in this baby soon!


Picture from our neighbor's deck. Won't you be my neighbor?


Gosh Tom, if we stare at this long enough, Mandy will get a picture and we will look like we really know what the hell we are doing!


Mandy, that is a really big super rope, WOW banana flavor is that new!!!?


Roof Truss Crane Popping a "Wheelie"



























More pics soon to come